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The benefits of a strong alumni network

By the Team at Almareach, July 21, 2020

“Networking, interacting and staying in touch — the alumni network offers students and colleges a host of benefits”

Job hunts, business deals and funding prospects are now increasingly being facilitated over a previously overlooked advantage - the alma mater connect.

Take for instance, Alma Reach — is a technology-based platform that leverages on the alumni network. It partners with educational institutions and alumni to connect Student with experts, Mentors investors, corporates, and other entrepreneurs.

Colleges in India too are becoming aware of the benefits an actively engaged alumni can have for the institution and its students. Here are some reasons why you and your college should work towards building an active community of alumni

  • Brand building
  • Grading and giving back
  • Skill development

The Three thing can be Monitored & Achieved easily by our Alumni portal.

Improve NAAC Ranking through Support from Alumni network

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